If you’re wanting to disassemble the Nokia 800 Lumia handset, then here’s the instructions you’ll need. The Windows-powered handset comes in a unibody design which technically means it’s a little more difficult to negotiate, but with the correct instructions and tools it’s not too difficult. Before you start, do make sure that you’ve got the correct tools (Torx T5 screwdriver and case tool) – you can purchase these from us if required as well as making sure you know what you’re doing as a mistake can be fairly costly.


1) Turn off the phone and remove the SIM card and open the cover on the micro USB port.

2) Using the Torx T5 screwdriver, undo the screws at the top of the phone, one on each side. The left hand screw will undo but will not be able to be removed, short of removing the USB cover. This doesn’t matter too much, but a magnetic screwdriver will help you a lot here.

3) Insert a small implement inside the right side hole where the screw used to be and lever the screen out slightly. Once a little levered out, you can use the case tool to run all the way around the screen.

4) The screen is secured by three pins at the bottom, so carefully remove this. Remember that the screen is attached to the board by ribbon cable, so this should be removed if replacing.

5) For further access to the main board, there are three further screws, two in the middle and one at the top. These require a Torx T6 screwdriver. This allows the main board to be exposed.

6) The main board can come away quite easily and allow replacement of the battery and other internal parts.

7) Reassembly is a reverse of the steps, taking care you have replaced all parts you have removed from the phone.

For a video detailing the steps, click here.

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