If you need to get instructions to repair the Nokia Lumia 610, then you’ve come to the right place. Here, we’ve got step by step instructions on how to repair the phone, which can often save you a huge amount of money in repair bills. Still a new phone, Nokia Lumia 610 spares can be bought cheaply and efficiently which means you can keep your phone looking good for longer. Before starting, please ensure that you have the tools required and that you understand the instructions, as a mistake can damage the phone.

Nokia Lumia 610 Disassembly Instructions:

1) Turn off the phone. Remove the back cover, battery, SIM card.

2) Using a Torx T6 screwdriver, remove the eight screws on the rear of the phone underneath the back cover.

3) Using a case tool, the back housing can be slowly unclipped. This is best if you start from the bottom of the phone.

4) On the Nokia Lumia 610, many components such as the speaker and flash are recessed in the back housing and are held in by double-sided tape if needed to be replaced.

5) Removal of the main board is easy as it is held in just by two clips to the top and bottom. Use the case tool to lift this away. Remember before unclipping to undo the ribbon cables for the digitizer and LCD to avoid damage.

6) The LCD is easy to change as there are no screws holding it in. The digiziter is another matter though as it is secured in by adhesive, so you’ll need some heating element to melt this a little to remove it.

7) Reassembly is a reversal of these parts.

For a complete video tutorial with further tips, click here.

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