If you’ve wanted to repair your Nokia C3-01 Touch and Type phone, you have come to the right place! This excellent guide allows you to easily open your phone which can save you money and increase the lifespan of your phone. As with many other Nokia phones, the spare parts for this phone can be bought (and fixed) very cheaply which means there can be great value in fixing it if broken. Before beginning, do make sure that you have all the tools required and that you are sure you know what you’re doing as a mistake can damage the phone.

Nokia C3-01 Disassembly Instructions:

1) Turn off the phone. Remove the SIM Card, Battery cover, battery and microSD card.

2) On the back of the phone, remove the six Torx T5 screws. Keep these safe as you will need them again.

3) The front housing will be held in by two clips (on the centre edges of the phone). The easiest way to do this is to force a little separation between the front housing and the frame, and use a case tool to wedge the housing clips out.

4) Warning: The digitizer ribbon cable will still be attached. Take care when moving the front as a rip will mean you will have to replace the cable. To remove the front, it is best to start from the bottom keypad part to gently prise it away from the frame. Rotate the front so it lies above the phone LCD.

5) The keypad frame can now be separated from the LCD. There are two more clips, similar to the first on each corner of the LCD at the bottom which can be removed with the case tool. The keypad will still be connected to the main board via ribbon cable but needs to be still connected at this phase.

6) With the keypad frame out of the way, the ribbon cable for the LCD is exposed and can be disconnected.

7) With the ribbon cable undone, the LCD and frame can be removed from the motherboard by levering it out with the case tool.

8) This exposes the main board and finally the ribbon for the digitizer can be be disconnected if you wish.

9) Reassembly is a reverse of these steps.

For a video detailing this change, please see here.

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