If you’re looking to take apart your Motorola XT910, then you have come to the right place! Our step-by-step guides show you how to safely take apart the phone to make repairs and safe yourself a load of money into the bargain. Thankfully, the RAZR Droid is nothing like the original Motorola RAZR V3, which was quite difficult to take apart thanks to the design – the Droid is a straightforward touchscreen handset. Before you begin, do make sure that you have all the tools required and are clear with the instructions as a mistake can be costly.

Motorola RAZR Droid XT910 Disassembly Instructions:

1) Turn off the phone. Remove the microSD and SIM card.

2) To remove the back cover, you will need a case opening tool to remove the slimfit back.

3) The battery connecters are held down by a plate that is screwed in. If you wish to remove the battery, then you will need to use the case tool to remove the battery connector cover which exposes the Torx T5 screws.

4) The phone screws at the top and edges of the phone can be undone with a Torx T3 screwdriver.

5) The camera surround can be unclipped at the top of the phone which reveals another screw which needs to be undone.

6) There are three more screws at the bottom of the XT910. These are Torx T5 in size so you will need both drivers.

7) With all these screws removed, the case tool can be used to separate the two parts of the phone.

8) With the board exposed, there are a further Torx T3 screws running alongside the bottom of it, which need to be undone if you wish to remove it. This holds in a bracket which can be removed.

9) Board connections are hidden underneath a metal shield in the central part of the phone. This can be picked off carefully with the case tool.

10) If you wish to disassemble further the ribbon cable connections under here have to be unclipped.

11) Using the case tool, the screen can be separated from the board, taking care to not rip the cables.

12) Reassembly is a reverse of these steps.

For a video detailing the instructions, click here.

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