For the Blackberry 9360, this is a great guide to show you how to take the phone apart. Although you may think this is an unnecessary step, if you’re wanting to change the internal parts this is essential. And even if your phone isn’t broken, you can easily change the keypad as well as clean any unwanted dust from below the LCD. If you’re doing this procedure, please make sure you have all the tools required before you start, and also familiarise yourself with the instructions as mistakes can be made. You can purchase tools and accessories for the Blackberry 9360 Curve from our shop.

Blackberry 9360 Take Apart Instructions:

1) Turn off the phone. Remove the back and also the battery, SIM card and microSD.

2) Use a pry or case tool to remove the back cover bezel. This is merely held in by clips so a little care is needed to not damage anything.

3) Using a Torx T5 screwdriver, undo the two screws on either side at the back of the phone.

4) Using the case tool again, force a bit of a gap between the front face and the board, which will allow the front face to come up.

5) With the front remove, the keypad can be replaced.

6) To remove the front screen, this is held in with clips and can be undone with the case tool.

7) After the removal of the front screen, there are four extra T5 screws, one in each corner.

8) This allows the main board to be removed. The LCD can also be taken off, after the ribbon cable is undone.

9) Reassembly is a reverse of these steps. Make sure you’ve kept all the removed parts safe.

For a video of this dismantle process, click here.

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