If you’re wanting to take apart your Blackberry handset – then you’ve come to the right place! These instructions allow you to safely open your handset which gives you benefits of allowing you to easily change the internal parts inside the phone such as the LCD screen. The touchscreen makes this a little different from the BB 9700. Before you start, do be sure that you have the correct tools (T5 screwdriver/case tool) and are OK with the instructions, as a mistake could see you with a damaged phone.


1) Turn off the phone. Remove the back cover, the battery, SIM Card and microSD card.

2) Remove the bottom piece of the front housing below the keypad. You can do this by using a case tool to gain a little separation, then running it around the bottom to unclip.

3) Under the clip reveals three screws, two on either side and one in the middle. Use your Torx T5 to undo these.

4) Use the case tool to lever the front off, starting at the bottom, running the tool around the phone.

5) The bezel comes off. Unlike previous models, only the front housing and keypad will come off here with the LCD still attached to the motherboard.

6) To remove the LCD, there are 4 Torx screws around the corners of the LCD. Keep these screws safe as you will need them again.

7) Before removing the LCD there is a ribbon at the top left which connect the LCD to the motherboard, as well as a ribbon for the earpiece. These need to be removed before the board is separated from the back.

8) Reassembly is a reversal of these steps.

For a video showing you the entire process, click here.

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